Ghana - UQ Specialist Medical Centre

UQ Specialist Medical Centre is a private hospital in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. It opened in 2011 providing mostly maternity and gynaecology services but has evolved over the past years towards becoming a general hospital. AMPC was contracted by UQ to develop a bankable business plan and a conceptual design for a new clinic to accommodate the expanding portfolio of services and growing number of patients. A market study was carried out to determine the potential demand among the UQ target population and a functional programme was developed for the new clinic listing the existing and new services to be provided and the required size of each service or department. Also, a conceptual architectural design was made including floor plans and 3D images, and an HR planning was developed. Finally, project investment costs were estimated, and financial modelling was undertaken to ensure feasibility and bankability of the project.

UQ Specialist Medical Centre


Scope of Services
Feasibility study, Healthcare facility design, Equipment planning, HR Planning